Update Production


” The Future of Entertainment”, 52′ documentary, Planète+

Compagnie des Phares et Balises


” Opération Fortitude”, 52′ documentary , RMC Découvertes and Toute l’Histoire


Point du Jour Production, (Paris, France)


“Les filles aux manettes”, series of 6 short documentaries on girls and video games, Arte Creative  (Festival A-MAZE Berlin)

“AZF : Un souffle au coeur de la ville”, 26‘ documentary about the 2001 AZF industrial accident in Toulouse, Public-Sénat tv


Point du Jour Production, (Paris, France)


“Revolution, Riot Grrrl style”, 52′ documentary about the riot grrrl movement, Arte television, teaser, (Festival Music à L’écran – Bordeaux 1015, Coven – Berlin 2015, Jacksonville Documentary Fest 2106, Glasgow Zine Fest 2016)

“Des filles et des zines”, series of 4 short documentaries , Arte Creative

Association Films du Passage


“Flâneurs : Street Rambles”, 90′ documentary by Matthew Lancit



“Cancer : the new pionniers”, 52‘ documentary by Marie-Pierre Jaury, Arte television


Compagnie des Phares et Balises, (Paris, France)

“Princesses, pop stars et girl power”, 52′ documentary about the girly culture, directed by Cécile Denjean, Arte

Assistant Director
“Tolkien, des mots, des mondes”, 52′ documentary about JRR Tolkien, directed by Simon Baques, Arte

Etsy, New York (USA)

« Handmade portraits : Second Skin », short-doc portrait of Virginie Rouffignac, French lingerie designer at Nonos

Transparences production


“Baclofen : a drug against alcoholism?”, 52′ documentary directed by Marie-Pierre Jaury, Arte

Point du Jour Production, (Paris, France)

« Entre Terre et Ciel », 26′ documentary TV-show  series on science and astronomy, Arte
« Les Défis de l’Eglise », 52‘ documentary about Church in the wake of a new Pope, directed by Laurence Jourdan and Alberto Marquardt, Arte


Union Docs, Centre for documentary arts, Brooklyn (USA)

Collaborative Fellow, program for non-fiction media research and group production

Author and Director
“Desperately Seeking Stagg Girls”, short documentary, 17′
As she’s watching a 1980s documentary about South Williamsburg, the neighborhood she’s just moved in, a young French woman’s imagination is caught by a RIP graffiti signed by the Stagg Girls on a wall nearby her house. She then decides to track down those girls… Official Selection at Brooklyn Girl Film Festival 2013 , Selection Firsts at ECU Film Festival 2013, GAZE series #5 at Artist’s Television Access (San Francisco)

Producer and host
“La Marqueta”, short documentary films, 4×7′

A parisian TV host now living in Brooklyn, Sonia visits one of the oldest markets in Williamsburg.La Marqueta sells food, haircuts, music and gifts. Every episode, Sonia visits a different vendor and learns about their craft. “La Marqeuta Barbershop “episode was selected at San Antonio Film Festival 2013

French Morning, New York (USA)


Toby Lee Kim, Brooklyn

First Assistant Director
“Composite”, a multi-channel video installation that takes as its starting point the police composite sketch.

Transparences Production (Paris, France)

“Baclofen, a molecule against Alcoholism ?”, 52′ documentary by Marie-Pierre Jaury, Arte

The Good Life, (Paris, France)

Series of articles for the New York issue


Point du Jour, Paris (France)

Thematic research, interviews, coordination of shooting and supervising sound-mixing sessions for series of documentary TV-programs (26′)

“Détours d’Europe”, LCP  more…
“Toutes les Télés du Monde” TV around the World  more…
“Tous les Habits du Monde” Decoding Dress Codes

Producer for 52’ feature-length documentaries: thematic research, character and location scouting, organizing shooting, conducting interviews
“Memoryland”, by Marie-Pierre Jaury (Public Sénat, NHK)  teaser
“Mods & Rockers”, by Kamel (Arte)  teaser
“Mother Teresa, Only God Matters”, by Carine Quennel (France 2)  teaser
“Bon pour le service militaire”, by Juliette Cahen (France 3)  teaser
“Une place dans l’espace”, by Frédéric Compain (Arte)  teaser
“Childhood under Surveillance”, by Marie-Pierre Jaury (Arte and Radio Canada)  teaser


Tandem Production, Berlin (Germany)

Journalist for France 24, TF1 and TV5

Producer for 52 ‘ documentary film
“Nostalgie, Kamarad”, by Richard Puech, Canal +


La Gazette de Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

Editor in chief of social issues section (bimonthly magazine)


Voyages, TMC, Paris (France)

Assistant Director and translator 
“24 heures en Miniland : Liechtenstein”,  52’ documentary film by Vincent Desombre


Point du Jour Production, Paris (France)

Research, translations, surpervising sound-mixing sessions for a series of documentary TV-programs (26′)
“Toutes les Télés du Monde” (TV around the World), Arte



French and English media (TV, Radio and Written Press)
Arrêt sur images (France 5), Radio France Bleu Gironde, Western Daily Press, Courrier International



Masters Degree in French-English Journalism
Université de la Sorbonne, Paris (France)


BA in English Studies
Université Sorbonne, Paris (France)


Masters Degree in German Studies
Université Sorbonne, Paris (France)
Final dissertation on Antisemitic film propaganda in two nazis films : “Der ewige Jude” and “Jud Süss”


Khâgne and Hypokhâgne
Lycée Camille Jullian, Bordeaux (France)
Preparatory classes in humanities studies for entrance to Ecole Normale Supérieure


Baccalaureat L
Lycée Camille Jullian, Bordeaux (France)


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